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A Quiet Life

—Book Review—

Title: A Quiet Life

Author: Ethan Joella

Publisher: Scribner Books

Genre: Fiction

A Quiet Life is the type of book that will nudge and remind you that you simply never know what someone else in your own community may be going through. Human connections are what life is all about. That kindness matters. That grief doesn’t have a time table and there is no right or wrong way to go about things.

@bookfriendsbookclub sat down with author @joellawriting last night and he described himself as an “eternal optimist”. Declaring he is the type of person who wants to believe in informercial products, “why wouldn’t they work!?” You can really see his lovely personality shine brightly in his characters. And, he wrote three very different characters, all dealing with change and grief, but at different stages of their lives.

First, you have Chuck, at seventy years old who lost his wife Cat in the past year. After a year of firsts, the time has come for their yearly trip to Hilton Head. Chuck wrestles with moving on and if he can go on this trip without Cat. How will he enjoy retirement without his wife? Next you have separated mom, Ella, who’s daughter has gone missing. Her life is a fog without her daughter and working two jobs to get by. Lastly, Kirstin is twenty years old and looking for her next sign in life. She hasn’t been able to move forward since losing her father. For now she works at an animal shelter. But does she want to go to vet school? Date? Visit her dad’s family in Italy?

You might see the words grief, widower, death, missing child and be concerned about the direction of this book. The author handles everything with care and grace. I promise when you get to the end of the book you will be left filled with hope.

Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ At just 300 pages you will fly through this book, but want to slow it down and savor because it’s just that good. When you aren’t reading it you will miss the characters. The timing of this book is perfect, I think. This is the season of giving and quiet reflection and this book with fill that for you. A must read!

"Be someone's cardinal"

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