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All That Is Mine I Carry With Me - Book Tour Book Review

📚 Book Review #thrillerthursday 📚

Title: All That Is Mine I Carry With Me

Author: William Landay

Publisher: Bantam

Genre: Mystery+ Suspense

The plot of this story is fairly simple; One afternoon in 1975 ten year-old daughter Miranda Larkin comes home to a quiet house. Nothing is out of place, there is no sign of struggle, but her mom, Jane, isn’t there. She couldn’t have just left, could she? Her purse was still there!

What isn’t as simple is the format the book is written! I found it to be so clever and engaging. It’s written into four sections, or books, each narrated by a different character in the story.

First up, was Phil, the author. He introduces us to the story and the Larkin family. He knew them well because he was best friends with Miranda’s brother Jeff. He grew up with the whole family. Most of the first chapter we meet Dan Larkin, the father, and prime suspect. We also meet the lead detective Tom Glover. By the end of this chapter the author tries to have you convinced the father did it!

The next chapter, is narrated by Jane beyond the grave. This chapter has you second guessing everything and wondering just how happy was this family, how solid their marriage was and if maybe Jane left, after all. The author tries really hard to have the reader flip-flopping.

The third chapter, was narrated by the son Jeff two decades later after they found the remains of their mother Jane and the investigation is reopened. And the last chapter was narrated by Miranda. Sprinkled throughout is the oldest brother, Alex, who was very devoted to the father. And the ending!? Well, you’re just going to have to read this one to figure it all out will be shocked by it all. Like I said this one is clever and worth the ride. 4 ⭐️

Thanks again to @tandemcollectiveglobal for having me apart of the #readalong group! Now out in this beautiful new paperback cover!

Book Summary ➡️

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