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Funny Story - Audiobook Review

🎧 Pub Day Audiobook Review 🎧

Title: Funny Story

Author: Emily Henry

Publisher: Berkley

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Thank you @prhaudio for the #gifted listening copy! The dream team is back! Funny Story by Emily Henry is a must read and I can’t recommend the audio version enough since it is narrated by Julia Whelan.

Some readers have loved each and every EH book and some readers find them to be hit or miss. I’m here to declare this may be her her best book yet, so give it a chance even if this author has struck out for you before. I’m torn if this is my new top book or People We Meet On Vacation still holds that spot. A reread might be in order!

Tropes galore in this opposites attract, forced proximity roommates, semi-fake dating revenge plot, and finally friends to lovers. They were all magic. Characters Daphne and Miles were magic.

Daphne is a straight and narrow Librarian (love that! Love that she declares audiobook count as reading!) and Miles is a laid-back guy who works at a winery and side gigs all around a small lake town in Michigan. When Daphne’s fiancé breaks up with her for his childhood best friend that Miles was dating, Daphne moves in with Miles temporarily.

The beginning of this story was the classic I’ve been dumped and need some time to mope. Then these characters get invited to their exes wedding‼️ and decide after some drinks to say yes and that they are together! Next comes friendships, dealing with their pasts of family hurt, and story filled with community.

💕 I loved all the parts of Miles showing Daphne around Michigan.

💕 I loved Daphne trying to find herself since all her likes and friendships were tied to her former fiancé.

💕 I loved the way Daphne and Miles were there for each other sorting out their pasts with toxic families.

💕 I loved the Library and community spirit of this book.

💕 Like the title says, this book was funny! It’s full of witty banter.

💕 I think it has the best characters and character growth I’ve seen in awhile.

☀️ Put this one in your Summer bag . . . It’s a must read!!!

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