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Darling Girls - Audiobook Review

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🎧 Audiobook Review 🎧

Title: Darling Girls

Author: Sally Hepworth

Publisher: St. Martins Press

Genre: Domestic Suspense/Thriller

Thank you to #macaudio2024 for the listening copy. It’s narrated by Jessica Clarke and I found the audio to be very entertaining. She did a great job differentiating multiple characters. So, I definitely recommend the audio. And no doubt Sally Hepworth has the writing chops, I’m just torn on the subject matter.

This one is dark! Tread lightly if abuse is a trigger for you. If you can hang in there, this one has a mic drop ending. Ultimately, I think a lot of people are going to like this one.

Darling Girls, immediately draws you in and keeps you guessing. Told in a multi-POV narrative from the view point of three “sisters” who grew up together in foster care.

Cast of Characters:

Jessica - Raised by a single mother until she passes away and then goes to live with Miss Fairchild. For a few years it was just the two of them and Jessica is groomed to believe it is “Mommy and Daughter” forever. Jessica becomes quite attached and loyal to Miss Fairchild.

Norah - Was raised in multiple foster homes before she came to live with Miss Fairchild. Norah is the tough backbone of the group. It takes her a little while to warm up to her sisters.

Alicia - The third girl to join Miss Fairchild’s home after her grandmother who cares for her gets sick. Alicia was coddled by her grandmother so it takes her awhile to fit into foster care. Alicia becomes a social worker in foster care as an adult.

Miss Fairchild - Told through therapy sessions we learn Miss Fairchild has quite a past!

Everyone comes back together when a body is discovered under the home they grew up in!

Sisters. Secrets. Love. Murder.

Who is the prime suspect?

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