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All the Lonely People

New in Paperback this past week!

If you missed out on Author Mike Gayle's smashing success All the Lonley People when in was out in is your chance! Pick up a copy today! Thanks @grandcentralpub for sending this copy my way!

Like people, if you believe characters can worm their way into your heart, then my gosh is the book All The Lonely People for you. I loved the main character Hubert Bird so much. This book was equal parts characters driven and full of thought provoking sentiments. It’s one I won’t forget for a long time!

“Life is waiting. But Hubert Bird has to open his door and let it in.”

This book is a dual timeline divided into the past and how Jamaican born Hubert comes to the London area for work and a better life. There he meets the love of his life a white woman, Joyce, and they go on to have two beautiful children and a beautiful life; despite the nay-sayers during a racial divide of the 1950s.

The present timeline is the bulk of the story where widowed Hubert has become a recluse. He spins stories to his daughter about friends during her weekly calls from Australia, so that she won’t worry about him. When she tells him she’s coming for a visit, instead of fessing up he decides to find friends. That’s only because he has a new neighbor who won’t take no for an answer and nudges him along the way.

Author, Mike Gayle, weaves these two timelines beautifully into a story full of warmth and humor, that will give you all the feels.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This story will give you hope and make you not feel so alone in this big wide world. I loved it so very much. It’s definitely in my top list for the year!

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