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At The Coffee Shop Of Curiosities

—Audiobook Review— Title: At the Coffee Shop of Curiosities Author: Heather Webber Publisher: Forge Books @forgereads Genre: Contemporary Fiction + Magic I loved everything about this book! The mystery, intrigue, small coastal town, coffee shop, town’s people, little bits of love, the dog!, and most of all the the curiosities! I listened to the audio thanks to and it’s dual narrated by Hallie Ricardo and Stephanie Willis. My only quibble is that it’s a little slow. I normally listen at a 2.2, but I had to listen to this one at a 2.4. This book does take place in Alabama, so it was likely just southern speak I wasn’t used to, maybe?

"Truth is always good even when it's hard."

It all starts with a mysterious letter. Ava, who doesn’t like to take chances, finds herself accepting a job offer to be a caretaker in another state. She’s ready for change. Her boyfriend died a month ago and she feels like his ghost is haunting her.

Maggie runs Magpie’s the coffee and curiosity shop in town. She finds magic pairing treasures (curiosities) and the old with the new. She takes every distraction she can get from the lingering pain of losing her mother. She also worries about her aging father and is so grateful for Ava. This is sure to be the start of a friendship.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 I just loved the whismy feel of this book. I loved the messages of found family and the power in healing. There were quite a few little sparks of love for various town’s people that just warmed my heart. All around a feel good story. Perfect late summer, early fall book! (But if you see my review some other time . . . It’s perfect anytime!)

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