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Being Henry - Audiobook Review

Title: Being Henry

Author: Henry Winkler

Publisher: Celadon Books

Genre: Memoir

I’m closing out #nonfictionnovember on a high with the memoir Being Henry The Fonz…and Beyond by Henry Winkler. Pro Tip: Do the audio which is narrated by Henry Winkler himself and even has a few parts that his dear wife Stacey chimes in on. Thank you for the listening copy.

If I had to use one word to describe this book I would say “delightful”. I thoroughly enjoyed Henry’s storytelling and approach to life. He’s a proud father, grandfather and even dog dad! He loves the pets in his family which I found joy in. While he never knew he had dyslexia until he was much older, I appreciated him being vulnerable and sharing this side of him. He grew up in a time period where he was thought to be stupid and used humor as scapegoat. I think it’s amazing the books he’s written where so many kids can see themselves as something normal and a hero. I also had no idea his parents fled from Germany to the US as the Nazi’s were taking over.

Of course, we all know Henry Winkler from Happy Days, but he spent so much time trying make sure he wasn’t boxed in as an actor from that one role. I never knew the term “Jumped the Shark” came from an episode of Happy Days. From that very first role, he was always a cast mate and friend and never wanted to be above anyone.

I have enjoyed some of Henry’s later work in The Waterboy, Arrested Development and Parks & Recreation. The way he gushes about brilliant talent he’s gotten to work with just speaks volumes of what a humble down to earth man he is.

5⭐️ all the way! I was entertained, enlightened and throughly enjoyed my time in Henry’s world.

Thank you @celadonbooks for the #gifted copy to read and review!

Purchasing from the link below supports independent book stores and my site!

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