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What a hidden gem Blush by author Jamie Brenner is. I thought this was going to be a light summer read about wine & cheese, but it was actually a lot for deeper. I love the way the author tackled issues of the woman’s place in the workforce and family tree. Where they can often be overlooked and forgotten. I loved learning a little bit about the wine industry too!


Title: Blush

Author: Jamie Brenner

Publisher: Putnam Books

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Hollander Estates Winery has been thee “it” place on the North Fork of Long Island for decades. But, mistakes have the family fortunes suffering and they may even have to sell the winery!

Mother Vivian is upset that summer season could be there last. She doesn’t want to sell, but especially because she is worried that selling could expose a secret. Daughter Leah is at a crossroads because her cheese shop in NYC needs to relocate or close. She’s scorned because the winery is her dream, not cheese. But her father Leonard, turned her away many years ago because running a business is a “man’s job”. Granddaughter Sadie finds herself struggling through her college program and takes some time off and spends it at the winery.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 I love the way the author wove the story together through these three woman. The woman shined in this novel! I honestly didn’t really care for the men. If I’m being honest, the dad was a jerk. But, he did redeem himself by the end, fortunately. This book is full of family drama, a little bit of romance, and secret journal. I loved the little book club that the ladies had! This was my first book my author Jamie Brenner and luckily I already have a few others on my bookshelf because I am eager to read more!

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