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Strangers in the Night - Book Tour Book Review

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Title: Strangers in the Night Author: Heather Webb Publisher: William Morrow @williammorrowbooks Genre: Biographical Historical Fiction Thank you, Partner @bibliolifestyle @williammorrowbooks for having me on this book tour! #gifted

Are you fans or either Frank Sinatra or Ava Gardner? I’m going to be honest, I really was only was familiar with Frank’s music, so this sent me googling for more! I absolutely fell hard for this couple the way they did for each other and devoured author Heather Webb’s words. This was a fast, easy and fun read!

Ava was a small-town southern beauty transformed into a Hollywood love goddess.

“Better not put me on a pedestal. I like to run around barefoot and get dirty.”

Frank to everyone else, but Francis to her was a legendary crooner whose voice captivated the world. When they meet, her career is on the rise and his has taken a bit of a hit; a stained image of a family man.

“Every important moment of my life could be measured in notes and captured by a song. That was never truer than the first night I saw her across the room, belonging to someone else.”

Facing tabloids, jealousy, cheating, vices, and their temperaments their happiness is threatened at every turn.

“I hated myself for every stupid move and every wrong turn, and yet, I didn’t know how to be anyone else but the person I was. A fighter, a big mouth, and a heart on two legs.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Talk about two hotheads! Wowzers! These two had so much love and passion, but with successes and insecurities it came at a cost. This book almost reads like a memoir spanning from 1946-1990. I absolutely plowed through it and love it. I throughly recommend this one!

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