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Cobblestones, Corks and Coversations

—Pub Day Book Tour—

Title: Cobblestones, Conversations and Corks

Author: Giovanni Ruscitti

Genre: Memoir

Pub Day: 8/16/22

Book Tour: @getredpr

“A Father’s Stories Come To Life Upon a Trip to His Italian Village”

As bookstagrammers we often have the privilege to get read and review many books. I strive to find ones that are a good fit for me. When I saw Giovanni’s memoir about his Italian family come to me in an email I knew I had to read it. My mother’s family comes from Rome and Abruzzo and I always feel a deep connection to Italian stories. Giovanni also shares snippets of life during WWII and why Italians like his mother and father left for America; As a historical fiction lover this was right up my ally. But, you don’t need to be interested or connected to either of these things to enjoy this book. It’s heartfelt and humorous and reminds us the importance of sharing stories. It’s a reminder of to slow down and enjoy life a little. It’s about community.

“Treat people right and they will always take care of you.”

I don’t rate memoirs because it makes me feel like I’m rating someone’s life, but this is an easy five stars. Giovanni bravo on your debut novel. I hope you’re celebrating in Italy. I hope maybe you bought a home there like you talked about! PS - I’m an Italian with a gluten intolerance too that I discovered in adulthood.

CW: Cancer, Death

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