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Codes of Courage

—Book Review—

Title: Codes of Courage

Author: A.L. Sowards

Publisher: Covenant Communications

Genre: Historical Fiction

I couldn’t let pub day go by without getting my review up for this outstanding HF.

My goodness is author A.L Sowards a storyteller! Codes of Courage had the perfect finesse between the heartbreaks of war, paired with hopeful moments, meaningful character connections, courage and love. This book starts with a bang and man for the first 25 pages had my adrenaline going! I found a lot of moments in this book had a cinema quality to it. This is absolutely no doubt due to the author’s impeccable research and talented writing. Really well done.

I love multi POV’s in historical fiction and this book gives us three points of view. First, from Karl, an Austrian refugee who is working with the British Merchant Navy doing runs with various supplies. Then Millie, the daughter of an embassy worker, who gets assigned at Bletchley Park because of her knowledge in languages and solving puzzles. Lastly Rolf, a German soldier on a U-Boat. They all had very different and unique prospectives and I found their stories flowed together seamlessly. And just when you reached a part that was war filled and bleak, the author pulled pack and sprinkled in some letters from Karl and Millie. I thought this worked really well. The push and pull of heartbreak and hope.

I always love learning in HF novels and found the culture at sea to be very interesting. Enemies would torpedo a ship, sink it, but then let them come aboard there’s. It was like a “sailor’s oath”. Fascinating.

I’m relatively new to A.L. Sowards work, so I didn’t read Heirs of Falcon Point which features Karl’s family and has more of his history. So, I can confirm you can easily read this as a standalone.

If you loved Kate Quinns Rose Code this one is perfect for you! HF fans this author should be on your radar.

This book is out TODAY 10/10! Thank you @a.l.sowards + @covenantcommunications for my copy to read and review. #gifted

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