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Coronation Year - Book Tour Book Review


Title: Coronation Year Author: Jennifer Robson Publisher: William Morrow Genre: Historical Fiction Out Now! Thank you, Partner @bibliolifestyle + the publisher @williammorrowbooks  for having me on this Book Tour and the #gifted copy. Here are my thoughts below: I listened to the audiobook thanks to a copy from @librofm and it has three separate narrators just like the POVs of the book. Karen Cass, Susan Vinciotti Bonito and Vidish Athavale all did a lovely job.

Despite the title Coronation Year and the Queen on the cover, I would describe this book as royal adjacent. You don’t get much of the Coronation Day or the Queen until the very, very end. Just a note if you are a huge royal fan.

What you do get is three very distinct POVs, that weave together a wonderful cozy story. Best enjoyed with a cup of tea and a scone!

💙 Edie Howard owner and operator of the struggling historic hotel, The Blue Lion. The Blue Lion is going to be right along the parade route, so she hopes to charge a premium for the rooms, to get the hotel back in the red and make some much needed repairs! Since all of Edie’s family has passed away she looks to her staff and guests as found family. She’s a sweet, lovely, but maybe little naive character.

📸 Stella Donati is a Holocaust surviver and Italian photographer that comes to London to spread her wings and work for the Picture Weekly Magazine. She lost her parents and is desperate to honor her past and build a new beginning.

🎨 James Geddes is a war survivor that struggles with what he’s seen and done during that part of his life. Now an artist he is staying at the Blue Lion he working on a commissioned piece of the Queen during her entrance along the parade route. This is a big step for him since his Indian heritage often holds him back.

Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Three strong characters, exploring found family, and many deep issues of this era that were bright spots of this book. However, there was also a mystery that I’m not sure was totally necessary. It was certainly alluded to early on, but really didn’t become part of the book until 60% in. That’s a pacing issue for me. Oh well. I still recommend this book for historical fiction fans, lovers of London, and the royal family.

Purchasing from the link below supports independent bookstores and my site!

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