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Distant Shores

Well, I wish I could say Kristin Hannah did it again, but this one wasn’t my favorite. Honestly if it wasn’t a KH book (who I absolutely adore) it might have been a DNF for me!

📚 Book Review 📚

Title: Distant Shores

Author: Kristin Hannah

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Elizabeth (Birdie) and Jack met in college. Jack was a football player and Birdie was his tutor. It was love at first sight. Jack went on to play in the NFL, they married, and raised two daughters. Jack always the star and Birdie always his cheerleader.

With their girls off in college, they find themselves drifting apart. When Jack accepts a job across country, Birdie finds herself questioning everything. She finds herself questioning decades of choices.

Rating: I didn’t much care for these characters and really can’t stand cheating in marriages. Perhaps it was that this one was written in 2002 and didn’t age well? Hmmm . . . that’s all I got!

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