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From Sand to Ash

#throwbookthursday • Knocking more reviews out 😉 This one is long over due from a favorite author. On the favorites shelf it went and I could definitely see myself re-reading this one!

Title: From Sand and Ash

Author: Amy Harmon

Publisher: Lake Union

Genre: Historical Fiction

After recently reading The Book of Lost Names, this book caught my eye as another book involving the Catholic Church helping Jews during WWII. And let me just say, I started this book, From Sand to Ash, one evening and finished in the very next morning when I got up. I had to. The story. The writing. Don’t dismiss this one just as your average WWII historical fiction. It was so much more.

“Sand and ash. The ingredients of glass. Such beauty created from nothing.”

Eva and Angelo were raised as family. Despite Eva being Jewish and Angelo Catholic. They were always best friends, but as the years go by they find themselves falling in love. But Angelo has promised himself to the church and priesthood.

As Germany occupies much of Italy, Angelo hides Eva at a convent where Eva discovers she is just one of many Jews being sheltered by the Catholic Church. Despite Angelo’s urging for Eva to stay safe she can’t stand to just hide quietly and wants to do something to help.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 💫 This was a solid read for me. I could not put it down. Could.not! At times it was suspensful. But mostly, it was so heartbreaking. After much heartbreak the ending did feel satisfying.

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