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Graceland - Booktour Review

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

—Book Tour + Review— Title: Graceland Author: Nancy Crochiere Publisher: Avon @avonbooks Genre: Contemporary Fiction Thank you @bibliolifestyle + the publisher @avonbooks for the #gifted copy and having me on this #booktour. Graceland came out yesterday! Happy Pub Week!

Are you going on a roadtrip this summer!? Graceland is the perfect book to throw in your bag and take along with you. You’ll be entertained and it’s just filled with so much heart and humor. Not only does Graceland have a super cute cover, but gosh was this book cute. It’s the perfect book to kick off summer!

Graceland is told in three varying POV’s - Olivia, Hope and Dylan. Olivia is the eccentric grandmother; a former soap opera actress, who is also obsessed with Elvis. Much to her dismay, she is realizing getting old sucks, especially being hooked to an oxygen tank 24/7. She is demanding a road trip from Boston to Memphis. Hope, her daughter, and usual people pleaser refuses to take her. So what does Olivia do? She cons Hope’s sixteen year old daughter, her pink loving (she drives a bubble gum pink VW beetle and has her hair dyed pink) granddaughter Dylan into driving her.

Naturally, Hope freaks out when she realizes her ailing mother and inexperienced daughter are headed too Memphis. But, is it because of their safety or because of a big secret she is keeping about why she left their hometown of Memphis eighteen years ago?? It’s a road trip race full of antics as Hope chases after Olivia and Dylan hoping to catch up to them before Memphis.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ You guys know I love those older characters and Olivia was no exception. This book is a multigenerational tale of three woman who finally realize family secrets aren’t so great; communication and healing is much better! This is a cute book with surprising depth that I recommend.

QOTD: What’s your favorite roadtrip snack?

Purchasing from the link below supports independent bookstores and my site!

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