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Title: Groupies

Author: Sarah Piscus

Publisher: William Morrow

Genre: Fiction

If there is a music fiction book . . . I’m going to read it. Bonus if it takes place in the 70s. Double bonus if it’s a coming of age story. You guys . . . I loved this one! I’d say for fans of the book ‘Mary Jane’ by Jessica Anya Blau (who blurbed this), ‘Groupie’ is her little more rough and raw big sister.

It’s 1977, and Faun Novak has lost her mother and dropped out of college; But that’s ok because she has rock and roll and her polaroid camera. She hops on a Greyhound bus to Los Angelos and reconnects to her childhood friend Josie who is about to make it big as a model. Josie is also now dating the front man to the rock back Holiday Sun, Cal.

Along with the band Faun meets the proud groupies and becomes the unofficial photographer photographing everything. Everything is going fine. Everything is going great. Faun is feeling confident for the first time in her life. But then she realizes what a dark, dark world this dreamland is. As time moves on, everything begins to spiral out of control in this coming-of-age story; a cutting look at fame, desire and the media.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Solid debut! I love coming of age stories and strong characters. I felt like I was right along with Faun rooting for her the whole time. All of the characters, really. I will be looking forward to seeing what this author writes next.

CW: Domestic Violence, Drug Use, Death

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