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Her Hidden Genius

—Book Review—

Title: Her Hidden Genius

Author: Marie Benedict

Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark

Genre: Historical Fiction

The @bookfriendsbookclub was lucky enough this past weekend to meet with @authormariebenedict and chat about her latest novel, Her Hidden Genius. What a treat! Marie described herself as an “archeologist for lost woman in history”. Stating she was on a mission to shine a light on these forgotten women in history.

One of our questions was . . . “How do you find these women!?” Marie said most come to her in the typical fashion of research for other books, reading newspaper articles, etc. But I as I self professed “fun fact” nerd I loved hearing that she liked to read the plaques on old buildings and other historical sites and that she sometimes finds historical people to research this way. Very cool!

Rosalind Franklin came to her in a special way. And I think that’s probably why there is so much passion in this book. Marie was reading a science book with her son and there were two small “throw away” lines about Rosalind in this science book. So, on her short list of women to research she went. Then, a good friends in the medical field read a non-fiction book about Rosalind that pushed her further and the rest is history. And we are so glad!

So I hope that you can see what I’m saying is that this book is only partially about the science and more about the the legacy of a brilliant women who’s recognition was lost in history. Don’t be intimated by the double-helix DNA, physics, chemistry, and experiments talk— yes, there is a lot of it, but it’s important to understand the mind of the the character.

Other little nuggets about this book:

🧬 It takes place in the 1940s in Paris & London just post war

🧬 Rosalind was Jewish

🧬 It was difficult being a female scientist in a man’s world

🧬 After the discovery of DNA Rosalind went on to do virus work. Her early work was the foundation we still use today for vaccinations like a particular one all just received!!!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Four strong solid stars from me. Historical Fiction fans, feminist, and science fans this books is for you. This was my third Marie Benedict book, but as you can see from the second slide I own her backlist and have some work to do! She also shared with us she has a book coming out next January and one next summer co-author with Victoria Christopher Murray, again. Yay!!!

If I haven't convinced you to read this book yet, be sure to check out my book club co-hosts reviews here:

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