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Hyphenated Relations

—Book Tour + Review— Title: Hyphenated Relations Author: Daniel Maunz Publisher: Black Rose Writing @blackrosewriting Genre: Contemporary Fiction Pub Date: 5/4/23 TLC Book Tours @tlcbooktours

Attention all you family drama fans! Have I got a story for you! Hyphenated Relations by Daniel Maunz is one to add to your TBR. With laugh out loud moments and highly relatable characters, there is something for everyone is this novel.

Hilarious. Heart Wrenching. Frustrating. Lovable. Hopeful.

Let me just say, never has there ever been a better first line in a book:

“Sam Daly arrived home from work to find her father-in-law, Harold, sitting in her living room studying her underwear.”

I about died laughing! I knew right then and there I was in for some zany characters and boy was I right.

Let me give you the family tree for this story:

🌳 There is the main character Sam, who is a bit of a recluse. Who can blame her after losing her husband in a car accident 2 years ago. Sam is very relatable as a book nerd!

🌳 Next is Harold who comes barging back into Sam’s life. He also lost his wife in that same car accident. He’s back to announce he’s getting remarried and bring Sam back into the fold. He thinks she’s had enough time moping and she’s family. Sam doesn’t quite see it the same way seeing her wedding vows say “til death do we part”.

🌳 Then we have Harold’s fiancé Marcie. Marcie is eccentric and sweet to Harold’s practical with a side of zany. I just love older couples in books! Marcie has four children who are determined to sabotage the wedding.

Try as she might to stay out of it, this just doesn’t sit well with Sam and she finds herself involved. She’s been holding people at arms length for awhile now. Is this what she needs to find peace and healing? Deep down is she a helper?

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 Though full of hope, the ending felt a little rushed to me to keep this from a perfect five stars. The book is only 250 pages…I would’ve loved more! I really enjoyed this story and hope you’ll pick it up!

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