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—Book Review—

Title: Imposter

Author: Bradeigh Godfrey

Publisher: Blackstone Publishing

Genre: Thriller/Mystery/Suspense

Thank you @letstalkbookspromo for sending me the @netgalley widget and having me on this book tour! Imposter by @bradeighgodfrey is out now! This is her debut novel, but she may look familiar because she also co-wrote The Beach Trap that came out over the summer under the pen-name Ali Brady.

I was just griping recently how overdone the unreliable narrator is in thrillers and really needs to go away, but then when it’s done right, I’m reminded just how good and effective it is. And thriller fans . . . Ms. Godfrey has done it right!

First, she uses her medical background all throughout this book. It’s sprinkled everywhere, but done in such a smart way that does not all bog the reader down with too many facts or terminology.

The premise of this story centers around two sister’s Lilian and Rosie who used to be close. In fact, Lilian is quite a bit older and used to take care of Rosie. But somehow they drifted apart; until Rosie decides to reach out to Lilian. They are headed out to dinner and suddenly crash on an icy road. Lilian ends up with a concussion and Rosie unfortunately a traumatic brain injury. Just before the crash, Rosie was about to tell a big secret. “A matter of lie or death”

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 Burnt out on thrillers? Give this one a try. It was really good! And really, really well written. While I did pick up on one thing, this will likely leave you guessing until the end. Lots of red herrings. I liked that the author used a journal the second half of the story as another narrator to give us Rosie’s POV. Highly, highly recommend!

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