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In the Lives of Puppets - Audiobook Review

Title: In The Lives Of Puppets Author: TJ Klune Publisher: Tor Books @torbooks Genre: Fantasy+ Thank you to for the listening copy of In The Lives Of Puppets. Narrator Daniel Henning was absolutely phenomenal! I was blown away that this wasn’t a full cast audio when I looked it up. That’s how much he brought to life these characters. The witty banter between the robots is not something I will forget. I chuckle just thinking about it! I really think the audio is the way to go with this book; however, I will say it takes some time to get going, so don’t abandon it too early. Honestly, there is a bit of a build up the first 40%, then you reach the second half which is more of an adventure.

Quirky and heartwarming, In The Lives Of Puppets is a story about found family. It’s basically a giant hug in book form. It’s a queer re-telling of Pinocchio and my gosh did I loved this weird little book filled with weird little characters . . .

Father, Inventor Android Giovanni (Gio) Lawson

Human, Son, Victor Lawson

Nurse Ratched (Registered, Automaton, To.Care.Heal, Educate & Drill)

Rambo (Vacuum Roomba that is anxiety-riddled)

HAP (Hysterically Angry Puppet)

“Forgiving others can be difficult, but forgiving yourself can sometimes feel impossible.”

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 I’m running away to a forest of trees with my Roomba vacuum because you might just find what’s left of humanity out there! I loved this book and I’m not a huge fantasy reader. Author TJ Klune shines at the characters he writes. Give this one a try!

Purchasing from the link below supports independent bookstores and my site! Thank you!

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