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It may be Autumn now, but I still have some Summer books to review...

Summer Romance Mini Reviews

⭐️ Same Time Next Summer - Not exactly an original idea, but I still loved it. Sam and Wyatt spent summer’s together as children at the beach and had a special treehouse. Young love. They were it for each other, until they weren’t. Now thirteen years have passed. Sam is engaged and Wyatt is back still playing his guitar in their treehouse. I was hooked to this story and LOVED the descriptions of the beach! 4.5⭐️

⭐️ The Summer Girl - Thank you for the listening copy dual narrated by Caitlin Elizabeth and Teddy Hamilton. I don’t usually feel too old for YA books (I love YA!), but for some reason I felt way too old for this spicy YA book. I did love the location descriptions of Avalon Bay and this one had an unexpected mystery to it. But mostly it was about a college girl, Cassie, looking for a summer fling. I thought her and Tate were sweet together, but it felt too much like instant love for me. 3.5⭐️

⭐️ The True Love Experiment - Thank you for the listening copy. It’s narrated by Jonathan Cole and Cindy Kay. So, I read this without reading The Soulmate Equation first. Oops! I guess Fizzy was a character in that book…Honestly, though, I never felt lost. Fizzy writes romance, but doesn’t do romance. She gets forced to do the tv show The True Love Experiment. Will she find love from a contestant or is he right there all along? Funny. Witty banter. Steamy. 4⭐️

⭐️ Love, Theoretically - Thank you and @prhaudio for the listening copy narrated by Therese Plummer. I blew through this one in less than a day. And I will be perfectly honest… I didn’t love this author’s last book, so I was nervous about this one. Elsie is an adjunct professor trying to make tenure. In the mean time she makes extra money being a fake girlfriend for people. It’s worked out pretty well until she crosses paths with one of her client’s brother, Jack, a physicist at MIT she has a job interview with. Great banter. Spice doesn’t hit until 2/3rds in. Ali Hazelwood’s signature women in STEM. 5⭐️

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