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Life's Too Short

—Book Review— Title: Life’s too Short Author: Abby Jimenez Publisher: Forever @readforeverpub Genre: Contemporary

have a confession to make: I preordered this book and then proceeded to wait more than an entire year to read it. Why do I do the things that I do!?! Because I want to go on the record and state I freaking love Abby Jimenez and her humorous writing. I love the characters that she writes. I love the way she includes animals in all her stories. And food. And. And. She’s the whole package.

But let’s get to Life’s too Short. Under this swoony story the author writes a story with important themes to live in the now because life is not guaranteed. She handles medical issues in the story including addiction, OCD, and ALS with care and grace.

Vanessa Price travels the globe and chronicles it on her successful youtube channel with millions of followers. Her motto is to live in the now. A motto she adapted after losing her mom and sister before they reached 30. She doesn’t want to take anything for granted.

But suddenly Vanessa finds her travel grounded when her half sister drops a baby off on her doorstep and takes off. At 3am covered in vomit with a screaming baby the last person she expected to help her was her next store neighbor Adrian.

Adrian is the building owner, a successful lawyer and she barely knows him. But suddenly Vanessa finds herself spending a lot of time with Adrain and his foster dog, a geriatric chihuahua. But she she doesn’t do relationships. Because life is not guaranteed. And no sense is getting tangled up with someone…

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Swoony. Funny. Serious. I binged this one. Sure I was stupid to wait so long to read this one. But maybe past be knew future me needed this one during this moving season and busy season of life. This was perfect. I definitely recommend this book and author. Adrian has book boyfriend material written all over him!

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