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Malibu Rising

Title: Malibu Rising

Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Genre: Historical Fiction

There’s this new book that came out on June 1st called Malibu Rising. Ever heard of it!? I kid. Ok, ok, so this one is all over #bookstagram and you probably don’t need another review to convince you to read this one. But, oh, well, you’re gonna get one anyway! 😂

Malibu Rising is a dual timeline historical fiction that alternates between the 1950s and one particular day in August of 1983. The 1950s timeline gives us a glimpse at the relationship of Mick and June Riva. How the Riva family began. Their story.

Cast of characters

▪️Mick Riva - Famous singer, husband, and father. Womanizer and player.

▪️June Riva - Wife, mother, and owner of Pacific Fish her family restaurant.

▪️Nina Riva - Oldest of the Riva children. Takes care of everyone. A talented surfer and supermodel.

▪️Jay Riva - A champion surfer. Oldest son and brother.

▪️Hud Riva - A famous photographer. Has a big secret eating him alive!

▪️Kit Riva - The baby of the family. Also a surfer just waiting for her chance to be noticed.

▪️Tons of annoying party goers - Like why were there so many!?!?!?

Every year the Riva kids have a big summer party. Nina started the tradition when she began making money as a model. This year she isn’t looking forward to the party because she is going through a very public separation from her pro tennis husband. Nina hates being in the spotlight. Jay on the other hand is excited for the party because he invited a girl he can’t stop thinking about. Hud thinks the party is the perfect time to tell his brother a secret. Kit also has secrets of her own. So many secrets in this one. Just communicate people!!!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 This one should probably just be a 4, but I just love TJR writing so much. As soon as I finished this one I immediately started Evelyn Hugo (finally)(review to come). I definitely enjoyed the 1950’s timeline more in this book and wish the author would’ve explored this and the children more and forgot about the crazy party. That party was nuts. Over the top. Too much. Like what!? I guess it does make for a fun summer read.

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