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May Wrap-Up

💫Five Star Books💫

▪️Mary Jane

▪️Float Plan

💫4.5 Star Books💫

▪️Fire Keeper’s Daughter


▪️The Music of Bees

▪️The Acts Of Life

▪️Hurricane Summer 📱

💫Four Star Books💫

▪️The Woman with the Blue Star

▪️The Women of Chateau Lafayette

▪️The Newcomer📱

▪️Friends From Home 📱

💫Under Four Stars💫

▪️Hang The Moon 📱- 3.8 ⭐️

▪️Come Fly The World - 3.5 ⭐️

▪️Sunset on Moonlight Beach 💌 - 3.5 ⭐️

▪️Prohibition Wine - 3 ⭐️

▪️Distant Shores - 3 ⭐️

16 books . . . Bring on June! My favorite of the month was Mary Jane. I highly recommend this coming of age 1970s story. You can find my full review a few posts back.

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