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Mini Reviews

Mini Reviews!

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you . . . Those are, in fact, two Christmas books you see! Christmas books have begun publishing and I’m not made about it!

Title: You Make it Feel Like Christmas

Author: Toni Shiloh

Publisher: Bethany House

@bethanyhousefiction Genre: Holiday Christian Fiction

Short is size, but author Toni Shiloh has a way with words. She’s quickly becoming a favorite! Characters to root for. Ones maybe misunderstood. Big loving family. And a swoony couple.

“The way you make me feel makes me believe I can fly.”

Starr loses her marketing job and decides to come home to be with family for the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and, oh, her sister’s wedding to her ex-boyfriend. Yikes! But, Starr finds the perfect distraction helping her brother’s best friend, Waylon, do a make over on his late mother’s Christmas shop that he inherited. This one is perfect for my Hallmark fans!!

Title: All’s Fair In Love And Christmas

Author: Sarah Monzon

Publisher: Bethany House

@bethanyhousefiction Genre: Holiday Contemporary Fiction

This book is going to make you so happy. Joyful. The author really paints a descriptive scene; so much that it almost reads like a movie! She also did a fantastic job representing a main character with anxiety. Mackenzie and Jeremey are up for the same promotion at work. And everyone knows that the boss purposely does the promotions at Christmastime, so she can pick whomever has the most Christmas spirit. Game on! Watching these two fall for each other was so sweet!

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