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My Lucky Charm - ARC Feature + Review

☘️ Book Review ☘️

Title: My Lucky Charm

Author: Courtney Walsh

Genre: Clean Contemporary Romance

Coming Soon: 2/29

What’s the last book you binged in an entire sitting? This one is mine. It really should come as no surprise. Author, Courtney Walsh, writes the best characters, banter and no matter what trope she settles on manages to nail it each time!

My Lucky Charm is the second book in the ‘Holidays with Hart’ series. While it does have the Hart family and hockey players from the first book, it still reads as a stand-alone. But, why would you want to do that? My Phony Valentine (Book 1) needs to be read pronto if you haven’t read that one yet!

Eloise Hart is an outgoing people-person full of sunshine. Grayson Hawke is a reclusive grunting grumpy sunshine.

Eloise loves life. But, her life isn’t going so great at the moment. She’s the type of person that always sees the best in people. Naturally, she didn’t realize before it was too late what a jerk her boss turned boyfriend Jay was. After breaking up, she finds herself all alone on New Year’s when she sees Jay across the bar she’s out at with friends. On total impulse and asks a stranger to kiss her!

Next thing she knows that stranger is introduced as Grayson Hawke, the newly acquired hockey star for the Chicago Comets that she is tasked with settling into the city as his assistant, her new job. Easy peasy.

Can her sunshine thaw out his icy demeanor? And why exactly is he that way in the first place? What happened to poor Grayson and why didn’t he want to be traded to a new city?

I absolutely love this cover and the only thing missing is a little red heart on Grayson’s hockey stick. You’ll just have to read to find out why! I really related to Eloise as someone who loves to please people, be happy and giving perfect gifts! Is she an enneagram 2?! I’m also excited that this was set up for a third book with our other Hart sister, Raya.

A must read! Thank you to @courtneywalsh for an early copy to read & share with all of you!

Favorite Book Banter ➡️

“Look, I don’t want to be rude—“

A nervous laugh escapes me, interrupting whatever it was he was going to say.

“It’s just that you’ve been rude since the day we met.”

“Nice, huh? I say, because why would I accept this comment like a normal person when I can draw attention like a weirdo? “Nice” I shimmy my shoulders a little. “I feel like this was a nice breakthrough.”

“It wasn’t”

“We just had a moment”

“We didn’t”

“You’re going to warm up to me. I promise.”

“Are you sure? he asks.

“It’s kind of my job.”

It’s kind of not,” he says back.

It’s banter.  We’re bantering

It’s the gateway to dating.

This book is self published so you can find it on Amazon! Once it goes live I will update the paperback link!

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