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My Phony Valentine

Title: My Phony Valentine

Author: Courtney Walsh

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Here’s a problem I have . . . There are some books I talk about a lot that I just automatically assumed I’ve reviewed them, until I realized I haven’t. My bad! Don’t think with the word ‘Valentine’ in the title that this is strictly a February only book. It’s a clean hockey romance that is great anytime. Actually, with hockey season winding down it may be they perfect time for this book to get a little more hockey in your life!

Trope: Fake Dating

First of all, Poppy and Dallas have the best “meet cute”. Picture this: They are waiting in line at a coffee shop and in comes one of Poppy’s nemesis’s. The petty small town mean girl blabbering on about Poppy being single again, blah blah blah. So, what does Poppy do? She grabs the hand of Dallas and pretends he’s her boyfriend! And he plays along; shocked that they don’t know he’s a famous hockey player!

The truth is Dallas is in their small town to take care his grandmother and his bad boy image. When pictures of them leak, his agent thinks they should pretend to date to help Dallas’s image. Poppy agrees to it because her bakery is struggling and a celebrity might help boost business.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 This book was just pure joy. Great characters. Just fun. I especially adored the grandmother; you know I’m a sucker for those older characters. Now I need some more hockey romance in my life!

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