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Never Whistle At Night

Thank you @vintageanchorbooks + @tandemcollectiveglobal for the #gifted book and read along. It took me a little longer to complete this one due to a shipping delay, holidays, and quite frankly I wasn’t prepared for the content. Don’t let the beautiful cover fool you. This is an anthology collection by Indigenous Authors and while the stories may be fiction, there are very real and sometimes painful messages in these stories.

Captivating. Chilling. Unsettling. Folklore. Legacies. Dark Fiction.

Did you know that many Indigenous People believe that one should never whistle at night? It can cause evil spirits to appear and follow you home…

These tales include ghosts, curses, monstrous creatures, family legacies, desperation and acts of revenge. And *spoiler* one story involves teeth. (IYKYK) 🤢

But, at its core this is a celebration of Indigenous Peoples survival and imagination.

I’ve really gotten into short stories, essays and anthology’s this past year and this one was great. Each one feels fully fleshed out.

Read it with a friend so you can process the injustices of Indigenous People and have someone to hold your hand if your like me and easily scared or grossed out! 🤣

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