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None Of This Is True

—Book Review— Title: None Of This Is True Author: Lisa Jewell Publisher: Atria Books @atriabooks Genre: Suspense/Thriller First and foremost, thank you to @bookclubfavorites by @simonandschuster for the #freebook of one of my most anticipated reads and the hottest summer book to share with all of you! Do yourself a favor and end your summer on a high note with this one! This one comes out tomorrow 8/8.

“Do not claim that you are anything other than what you are. An evil mother*ucking basic b*tch.”

Oof. This book! With short chapters and a unique format with podcast interviews interspersed, I flew through this book in nearly one sitting. (A girl’s gotta eat every now and then 🤣) This felt like a roller coaster . . . the slow click and crack of the ride getting to the top and then it falls fast and chaotic. I loved it!

Podcaster, Alix Summer, is celebrating her forty-fifth birthday at the hottest pub in town. There she crosses paths with a pretty generic woman, Josie. They make a connection because Josie is also celebrating her forth-fifth birthday. Birthday twins! A few days later they bump into each other again and after Josie has binged all of Alix’s podcasts, she proposes a new idea involving interviewing her. Alix is bored and ready for a new project and challenge, so she dives in head first. She has no idea just how strange and complicated Josie’s life will end up being. Before Alix knows it, she’s in too deep.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 Dark secrets and completely unhinged. This will all circle back to the title: “None Of This Is True” Or is it!? Fresh, clever, and Lisa Jewell at her finest. Do not miss this one!

Purchasing from the link below supports independent bookstores and my sight!

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