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October Book Friends Book Club Picks

🎃 Happy October! 🎃

How could we not pick “October” themed books!? We think we have some great ones!! Deep dive discussions and community is what @bookfriendsbookclub is all about!

🥁 Drumroll . . .

🏚️ Starling House

✍️ Alix Harrow

👻 Low/medium spooky

🗓️ Oct 3rd Pub Day

☀️ Reese’s Book Club Pick

From the author of 10,000 Doors of January and The Once and Future Witches. A dual POV character driven story about a haunted house, a grumpy owner, and the buried secrets of a small town.

Set in Eden, Kentucky, known for the legend of E. Starling, a reclusive nineteenth-century author and illustrator who wrote a book then disappeared. Before she vanished, Starling House appeared. But everyone in town ignores the house + it’s grumpy owner.

When a young woman named Opal gets an unexpected job offer tending to the house, Starling House begins to feel like home. But when sinister forces converge, Opal and Arthur must decide to dig up the buried secrets of the past and confront their own fears, or let Eden be taken over by literal nightmares.

If Opal wants a home, she’ll have to fight for it.


✨ The Unmaking of June Farrow

✍️ Author of Fable Series + Spells for Forgetting

🗓️ Coming Oct 17

💙 BOTM pick

Set in a small mountain town in North Carolina, about a woman named June who runs a thriving flower farm but also is plagued by a mysterious curse that led to the disappearance of June’s mother.

June can also see and hear things that aren’t there. Wind chimes, a voice calling her name, and a door that appears out of nowhere. But June is determined to end the curse.

When June discovers clues regarding her mother’s disappearance, she embarks on a journey to change both the past and the future, but also uncover the lingering mysteries of her small town.

A brilliant novel of romance, mystery, and a touch of the impossible—a story you will never forget.

📚 Let @bigskybooks or @mommaleighellensbooknook know if you’d like to join and for what book (or books!). Then, we will get you into an IG group for further information. And be sure you are following both of us + @bookfriendsbookclub to stay up to date on all book club news!

❤️ Community & Info on IG message groups, Chats on Discord and Author Interviews (when available) on Zoom. Any questions? DM us! Read|Chat|Zoom

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