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Peach Blossom Spring

—Book Review—

Title: Peach Blossom Spring

Author: Melissa Fu

Publisher: Little Brown

Genre: Historical Fiction

“I think I enjoy books like this. That are kind of sneaky good. The best way I keep describing this book is “thoughtful”. It’s a book you chew on for awhile.” ⬅️ My co-host @mommaleighellensbooknook said perfectly in our chat last night what I was feeling. This qualifies under a #sneakygoodbookyoucanchewon 😆 For Sure!

Because, admittedly, the book does start a little slow. But I think that’s to be expected of a story involving a long span of wars and a multigenerational family tale. But the story keeps building and building . . . And if you hang with it you are rewarded with the author’s beautiful writing and phenomenal talent (like how is this a debut!?) of layering the the story and having things link up and circle back.

“It’s okay to be sad, our sorrow reminds us of all the joyful moments, too”

1938 - In China, Meilin and her young son, Renshu, are forced to flee their home with the Japanese Army fast approaching. With so much turmoil they never feel safe or know how long they will stay in one place; But they always find hope and comfort in their beautiful illustrated hand scrolls of ancient fables.

Eventually they find refuge in Taiwan, Renshu studies hard and goes to college in America and settles as Henry Dao. He goes on to marry and have a daughter; A daughter that is desperate to learn about her Chinese heritage. However, Henry has closed that chapter of his life…

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A book you love the characters. A book you love the writing. A book you learn about a different side of war and a country’s history you may not know much about. A book that will have you craving delicious food, fables and family. A book you can’t stop thinking about or telling people about. It’s really a book that asks the question is home a place, a person, a feeling?

One sentence review: I freaking loved this book and why aren’t more people talking about it!?!

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