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Ready or Not - Book Review

📚 Book Review 📚

Title: Ready or Not

Author: Cara Bastone

Publisher: The Dial Press

Genre: Contemporary Romance

#Fivestarfriday As this book was sitting in my stack of books to review, it’s one I kept thinking about how much I throughly enjoyed reading. Sometimes, that’s all it takes for a book to be 5⭐️ for me. It was a binge read and honestly I like my romance books to have a little more meat (get your mind out of the gutter 🤣) to the them sometimes. This one focused on found family, a late coming-of-age story, and friendships. It was a friends-to-lovers and had some really swoony guys in it! Yes, there is a surprise pregnancy, but this isn’t a pregnancy trope book!

“Love shows up when you least expect it

Eve is living a cozy life in Brooklyn working a job at a company she loves, but a department that isn’t her dream. She hopes to prove herself and eventually move within the company. She’s a planner, so is thrown a little off axis when her New Year’s one night stand leaves her pregnant. Ethan helps her in the capacity that he can, but who is really there for her is her best friend Willa’s brother Shep. Eve grew up with Willa and Shep and never really paid much attention to Shep before. Maybe it’s her surging hormones, or maybe it’s something else . . .

Ready or Not takes place over the course of Eve’s nine month pregnancy as we get a front row seat watching Eve’s struggles as she figures out what comes next.

“You’ll do what the rest of us do,” he finally says. “And just make it work today. That’s the whole trick with kids. You just do what works today. Today is not so scary, right?”

“I’ve heard parents talk about that before. That children are like your heart walking around outside your body.”

One last thought . . . Isn’t this cover amazing!? That’s worth all the stars alone! Have you read this one? I highly recommend it!

Purchasing from the link below supports independent bookstores and my site! You can also try Book of the Month where I got my copy using this link

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