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Sisters In Arms

When I first saw mention of this book in the Spring, as a historical fiction and military fiction lover; I knew I had to read this one. I was so happy when book of the month selected this debut author’s novel. Even though I had the book, I ended up listening to it on audio and I’m so glad I did. It actually ended up being a little bit more of a character driven novel vs. the history then I was expecting and the narrators brought the characters and story to life! I loved it!

📚Book Review📚

Title: Sister In Arms

Author: Kaia Alderson

Publisher: William Morrow

Genre: Historical Fiction

Grace Steel and Eliza Jones come from two entirely different backgrounds. Grace’s family is not well off. Her and her mother are seamstresses, as Grace hasn’t been able to use her teaching degree her mother forced her into getting. Another thing her mother has forced into is classical piano playing. Grace loves jazz. Well, she did until her brother passed away. He brother was killed in combat, which fills Grace with such grief, that she blows her audition at Juilliard. Tired of her mother pushing her around, Grace enlists in the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) to be an officer.

Eliza Jones’ family may have money, but that doesn’t necessarily mean happiness. All she wants is to be a respected reporter at the newspaper her father owns. He won’t let her report on anything serious since she is a woman. When she writes a piece—a good piece—and her father puts his name on the byline, that is the last straw. She accepts her invitation to join the WAC. Grace and Eliza may be from different backgrounds but at the WAC they are at the same starting level amongst the first Black women to serve.

When people come from different backgrounds and are away from what is familiar it is natural for there to be some tension. Will they learn to be friends? How will things go when they finally make it overseas to England to help form the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion?

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 I loved this story! I found the story very easy and approachable. In that sense it almost reads like a YA. So in that sense I think it’s perfect for anybody wanting to try the historical fiction genre. Those already familiar with it will love it too. I was hoping for a little more history of the battalion, but quickly fell in love with these characters and that more than made up for it. I can’t wait to see what topic and book Ms. Anderson will tackle next!

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