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Sunset on Moonlight Beach

Sunset on Moonlight Beach is the fifth book in the moonlight harbor series by author Sheila Roberts, but you can definitely read it as a stand alone; I did!

📚 Book Review 📚

Title: Sunset on Moonlight Beach

Author: Sheila Roberts

Publisher: Mira/Harlequin

Genre: Women’s Fiction

🌅 Cast of Characters 🌅

🌅 Jenna Jones - Main character, single mom, newly elected to city council in Moonlight Bay. Also the manager of the Driftwood Inn owned by her Aunt Edie

🌅 Aunt Edie - Excellent cook, owns property in Moonlight Bay and also the Driftwood Inn. Very much the matriarch of the family

🌅 Sabrina - College student and daughter to Jenna

🌅 Celeste - Sister to Jenna, wife to Henry a novelist, new mom to baby Edie, and buying a house and moving to Moonlight Bay to be closer to family!

🌅 Mel - Widower, mom to Jenna and Celeste. After being laid off decides to sell the family home near Seattle and also move to Moonlight Bay!

🌅 Ellis - Also a widower. A love interest for Mel. Can you find love a second time around!?

🌅 Courtney - Best Friend to Jenna; An excellent fashion designer taking over a store in town after the cranky owner sells and takes a hike!

🌅 Brody - The town’s real estate agent; Also a good friend and love interest for Jenna

🌅 Seth - Another love interest for Jenna; Ohhh la la!

Lots of other secondary characters too! I honestly had trouble keeping all these characters straight 😬

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 As you can see there are a lot of characters and things going on in this story. Which isn’t a bad thing, but for me personally I struggle to connect when there are multiple plots and too many characters. Otherwise, this is a lovely beach and reads like a Hallmark movie. I’m here for it!

PS - The book contains 10 summery recipes in the back perfect for your summer bbq’s! How fun! I love little extra details like that!

Thank you @uplitreads for the #gifted copy to read and review.

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