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The Best Summer of Our Lives

📖 Pub Day Book Review 📖 Title: The Best Summer of Our Lives Author: Rachel Hauck Publisher: Bethany House Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction Thank you @bethanyhousefiction for the #gifted copy to read & review. Reminiscent of a long hot summer day this book was quite a slow burn of secrets and drama. It’s told in multi POV and dual timeline. I loved the nostalgia feeling of the 1977 timeline and the four friends at summer camp.

It was supposed to “The Best Summer of Our Lives” for the four friends who call themselves “The Seasons” - Summer, Spring, Snow, and Autumn. But, instead of backpacking across Europe they are stuck being camp counselors in middle of nowhere Oklahoma; after getting busted at a Frat house pulling a prank. These few weeks spent together so many secrets come out and unknown dreams about their futures.

In the 1997 timeline woven throughout, we learn that the girls are no longer really speaking to each other. Summer is back in Oklahoma for the first time since that summer, at a crossroads in her music career. She never wanted to see the town again and a certain cowboy, but there is something special about Tumbleweed. Can the town bring the girls back together?

3⭐️ - Listen I love drama, but this had a few too many secrets and drama for me. It also just felt bogged down with too much day to day. I wanted more character depth. But, I love the cover. Isn’t it great!? Give this one a try if you love summer camp stories!

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