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The Bodyguard

Title: The Bodyguard

Author: Katherine Center

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Genre: Contemporary

Confession: When I saw the synopsis for this one I kind of had my doubts and rolled my eyes a little. A female bodyguard guarding a celebrity. It sounded cheesy with a capital ‘C’. BUT. I love author Katherine Center. I love her stories and characters. I trusted her. And you know what? She nailed it. I read this one in 24 hours. I really, really liked it. It had a lot more depth to it then the synopsis led on.

Executive Protective Agent, Hannah, wants the the big-deal overseas assignments, not staying local. But, she’s been grounded by her boss since she recently lost her mother. A low-key easy assignment. To get her feet wet again. Little did she know that little assignment would be guarding celebrity Jack Stapleton from a stalker.

Jack Stapleton is a household name, but due to a family tragedy he’s sort of dropped off from the public eye and gone off grid. But he’s back home at the family ranch because his mom is sick and he wants to help out. He doesn’t want to worry his mom about needing a bodyguard, so Hannah’s cover is to be Jack’s girlfriend! What could possibly go wrong!?!

RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Like I said I really enjoyed this one. I felt like Hannah and Jack’s characters had a lot of depth with Hannah dealing with the passing of her mother and Jack facing his mom being sick and mending things with his family. Hannah and Jack’s connection felt organic and believable. I really enjoyed how sweet they were together. I definitely recommend picking this one up! I’m so happy to have all of Katherine Center’s @bookofthemonth books! I adore this author.

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