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The Book of Lost Names

#throwbookthursday Another Thursday throwback review coming atcha! I read this one right before I moved from Montana. Gosh, I don’t miss those green walls in my office/library/studio. 😂

Book Review

Title: The Book of Lost Names

Author: Kristin Harmel

Publisher: Gallery Books

Genre: Historical Fiction

Every time I finally read a backlist book off my shelves that has been there for a long time I do a fist pump with excitement. Also, every time I read an AMAZING backlist book off my shelves that has been there a long time I feel like a giant idiot! Kidding. Kinda. So, in conclusion if you haven’t read The Book of Lost Names yet, especially historical fiction fans, get on it ASAP!

The Book of Lost Names is all about a special group of Resistance forgers, in particular two named Remy and Eva. Remy and Eva were brilliant forgers who were working with the Catholic Church to help move Jewish children from France to Switzerland. Because they had to change these very young children’s names to not sound Jewish and send them to live with other families they were afraid their true identities would become lost. Eva couldn’t stand for this so they figured out a mysterious code system to preserve their names in a secret book hidden in the religious tome of the church. Eventually, the Germans catch on to them, and overrun the city where they have been working in and Eva must run for her life and leave the book behind. She won’t hear about the book again until sixty years later when it’s finally found.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This is everything you want in a historical fiction. Well researched. Compelling read. For me, being educated on the Catholic church’s involvement in the war. A little bit of love. A lot of heartache. Fast moving. Suspense. Did I leave anything out!? Yeah, it was 377 pages of greatness.

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