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The Connellys of County Down

—ARC BOOK REVIEW— Title: The Connellys of County Down Author: Tracey Lange Publisher: Celadon Books @celadonbooks Genre: Contemporary Fiction Pub Day: August Ist Thank you @celadonbooks for pairing me up with @laurenmariereads, @laurasnextchapter, @brenslibrary_xoxo and @readingwithcoffey for your Read Together Initiative program. I’ve really enjoyed our conversations. Your Read Together Initiative is a such brilliant idea and I look forward to participating again in the future!

Get your preorders in because The Connellys of County Down is quite the sophomore follow up for author Tracy Lange.

Read if you like:

🌼Family Dramas

🌼Flawed Characters

🌼Sibling Bonds

🌼Somewhat Mysterious

🌼Lots of Secrets

🌼But a Story full of Love, Humor and Hope

The story begins with Tara being released from a 18 month stint of prison on a drug charge. The only thing she wants to do is move on with her life. With no money she is forced to move back in with her brother and sister. But they have their own issues. Her brother is a single dad who does his best with a brain injury. Her sister is full of rules, but that’s just a facade to what she really seems to be hiding. These three are raveled up like a ball of yarn and once the string starts to unwind secrets and fears come out. This is a story of the bounds of love and loyalty.

“You know, what I liked most about that fairy tale is that you all saved each other.”

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Four strong stars. Look, I’m in my character driven era, so this one was right up my alley. The plot and mystery you might see from a mile away, but the depth and rich, vibrant characters is what stole the show. My only quibble is it’s only 269 pages. I would’ve loved about 50!more! There is a fun little easter egg with the restaurant Brennan’s too!

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