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The Family


Title: The Family

Author: Naomi Krupitsky

Publisher: Putnam

Genre: Historical Fiction

November Book of the Month

November Read with Jenna Pick

f you’re expecting The Family to be an action packed mobster book . . . Fuggedaboutit! What we have here is a quiet tale (and I do mean quiet!) of two girls from Italian Brooklyn families who are neighbors, best friends, and sisters by choice. The book is broken up into five parts over a twenty year span from 1928-1948, as Antonia and Sophia face their childhood, grade school, high school, Catholic Mass, Sunday dinners, marriage, and eventually having their own children. It’s about them figuring out what ‘The Family’ represents and what their place is and if they even want a place.

I loved how different Sofia and Antonia’s personalities were and how they seemed to bring out the best in each other. I thought it was incredibly accurate of life the way they drifted apart at times, but they were always there through thick and thin and the big moments. I loved all the food in this book!!!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.75 I’m Italian and big fan of the tv show The Sopranos so I felt like that help me connect to this book. This book actually reminded me of a female version of the reboot HBOmax recently did, The Many Saints of Newark. Especially the way it was narrated. This whole book is 3rd person which just isn’t my favorite so I can’t rate this one higher.

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