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The Followers - Audio book Review

—Pub Day Audiobook Review— Title: The Followers Author: Bradeigh Godfrey Publisher: Blackstone Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Happy Pub Day - 8/29/23 I loved author @bradeighgodrey ’s thriller last year The Imposter, so when @librofm + @blackstonepublishing offered this as an ALC, I jumped right on board! This one is dual narrated by Tim Lounibos and Eileen Stevens. Eileen did a fantastic job with both Molly and Liv’s characters. I’m not someone who is social media/influencer gal, but she made Molly’s character fun and engaging. Tim was down right creepy and made the surprise twist character perfect! I highly recommend the audio route for this book!

Influencer, Molly, is used to sharing her life online. As a thirty one single mom she has built a career out of it. But everything changes when she becomes engaged to Scott, and he flips out when she shares an engagement photo of them. He makes her take it down and refuses to let her share photos of him or his ten year daughter, Ella online.

Well, apparently Scott was on to something with his reaction. All it took was one photo broadcasted to Molly’s millions of followers and one of them, Liv, saw the man who she believes killed her sister and ran away with her baby niece. With no help from the police, Liv takes matters into her own hands and befriends Molly by following all her social media posts and casually running into her around town.

✅Unsolved Murder

✅Online Stalking

✅Lies on top of lies


✅Colorado outdoorsy vibes

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ What a web of lies! I really enjoyed this one. Especially liked the ending. Well worth your time; I definitely recommend!

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