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The German Wife

Title: The German Wife

Author: Kelly Rimmer

Publisher: Graydon House

Genre: Historical Fiction

⬇️ Anddd it’s taken me weeks to get my act together and post! Moving got me out of my review writing and picture taking flow. I’m still figuring out the spots I live in my new how. But I can tell you I LOVED THIS BOOK!

I finished this book nearly two weeks ago with my book club @bookfriendsbookclub but I couldn’t quite gather my thoughts on this enormous read to formulate them into a review. But, if I wait any longer I am going to have issues with my muddled brain…hahaha!

There are two things to know about author Kelly Rimmer: 1.) She is going to write and impeccable researched novel. And 2.) There are going to be characters or scenes that might make you uncomfortable. But, in a way that history often can be. In this case it was about watching the Nazi’s strip away the power of the Germany people. It was watching them treat Jewish people heinously. Then learning about Operation Paperclip and how we allowed German Scientists (some who were former Nazis) come to the US for a military weapons/rocket/space program. They were sent with their families to live in Huntsville, Alabama. Pardoned and stripped of their identities; which would include if they were involved with the Nazi party.

This book takes place both in 1930s Germany and Texas. And also in the 1950s in Alabama. It’s interesting to have both female wives dual narrating each timelines, for four timelines. It sounds confusing, but it absolutely is not. The story flows very well. In the 1930s timelines the author takes the events of the Nazi invading, slowly and methodical stripping of power and compares in with the Dust Bowl and water droughts in Texas. Both events slowly chipping away at hope and full of desperation.

In 1930 Germany- Sofie’s academic husband Jurgen has no choice but to accept a high-level position in the rocket program even though they adamantly oppose Hilter and his radical views. They fear their income will be taken away or their children and ultimately their lives.

Twenty years later, Jurgen is one of the many German scientist pardoned and granted a position in America’s space program. For Sophie this is a fresh start and a chance to leave the horrors behind. However, she wasn’t anticipating rumors about their affiliation with the Nazi party. She clashes immediately with neighbor Lizzie from Texas. Lizzie got married for a fresh start after her parent’s died and she lost the family farm in the Dust Bowl. Her brother who has PTSD from war lives with them and she tries to manage his care. It’s a tough task as he is full of confusion and rage.

“How does a person learn not to hate, when that hate has been imprinted upon them from such a young age?”

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 Like a said before an impeccably researched book and I love when I learn something and in this case I had never heard about Operation Paperclip. Not quite a 5 star for me but I’m bumping it up a half star after my book club discussion and author zoom. Those things enrich the experience for me and always make me appreciate a book even more! I highly recommend joining a book club (or check our ours!)

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