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The Holiday Swap

Most month’s the #mommaleighellenbookclub usually reads a historical fiction book (and others) but this month we decided to change it up and read a holiday book! I don’t know about you guys but our brains couldn’t handle much else right now! We chose the @bookofthemonth selection The Holiday Swap by Maggie Knox and boy did we pick a winner. The Holiday Swap in the quintessential Holiday read.

Title: The Holiday Swap

Author: Maggie Knox

Publisher: Putnam

Genre: Contemporary Fiction (Holiday)

f you’re an 80’s gal like me you might have thought of Hayley Mills’ Parent Trap (disclaimer I know this movie is from the 60s…I just watched it a lot in the 80s 🙄) ala Christmas. Or if you’re a 90’s gal Lindsay Lohan’s Parent Trap or maybe you even casted Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen as Charlie and Cass…

Charlie is a chef on a reality baking show, hoping to advance to a solo show. When she gets bonked on the head on set and ends up with a concussion, thus losing her scent & taste, she can’t jeopardize losing the opportunity for this gig. Enter twin sister Cass. Cass is an incredible baker at the family bakery, Woodburn, back in their quaint mountain hometown. Charlie convinces Cass to swap places for a few days. Something they haven’t done since they were kids. Both sisters assume this will be easy peasy. Neither expect to meet someone while pretending to be the other.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Cute, solid Christmas read. Good writing. I liked the countdown to Christmas each chapter and that they alternated between sisters. If you’re a Grinch this is probably a 3⭐️ or less. If you’re Buddy the Elf a 4⭐️ of more. Enjoy!!! Happy Holidays!

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