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The Lonely Hearts Book Club

Title: The Lonely Hearts Book Club Author: Lucy Gilmore Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca @sourcebookscasa

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

There are two things I am a sucker for in books:

1️⃣ Books that take place in a library or bookstore.

2️⃣ Books that feature older characters, especially if they are grumpy!

Check. ✅ Check. ✅

Our story begin in the library with librarian Sloan sparring with an older curmudgeon library patron, Arthur. Sloane’s life isn’t bad— she enjoys her job, coworker Mateo, and is planning a wedding; but she quickly finds these sparring matches with Arthur the highlight of her day. When a week goes by and Arthur hasn’t shown up, against her bosses wishes, Sloane takes matters into her own hands and tracks down Arthur’s address and does a house call. This gets her fired and somehow she becomes a caretaker for Arthur under the disguise of a book club. The Lonely Hearts Book Club!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I loved this cast of characters (Sloane, Arthur, Mateo, a nosey neighbor, estranged grandson, and long lost friend…) and how diverse they were. They were a group of misfits who became the best of friends. They were there for each other through some pretty trying things. The ending? The highlighted book…the book tabs…chef’s kiss! 😚 My only complaint or really just a heads up, is the characters all narrate different chapters, so I didn’t find the audio to be the best.

Purchasing from the link below supports independent bookstores and my site!

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