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The Lost Book of Eleanor Dare

—Book Tour + BOOK REVIEW—

Title: The Lost Book of Eleanor Dare

Author: Kimberly Brock

Publisher: Harper Muse

Genre: Historical Fiction

Today is my book stop tour date for @katerockbooktours and The Lost Book of Eleanor Dare. Thank you to the author @kimberlydbrock and publisher @harpermusebooks for the digital copy via @netgalley.

Historical and Literary fans mark your calendars for the April 12th release of The Lost Book of Eleanor Dare! Fans of Where the Crawdads Sing and Alice Hoffman, I would say this is right up your ally. This gave me serious vibes to those.

Lush, atmospheric, mystic, magical, mysterious, historic . . . all of these things woven together in a tale with characters to root for makes for an outstanding story. I especially adored the teenage daughter, Penn.

“A story doesn’t matter because it’s true but because it’s been told.”

Told in a dual timeline and multiple points of view; my absolute favorite story telling. It weaves the 1500s Roanoke and nearly post WWII coastal Georgia. Then the story is told from Dare descendant Alice. Her daughter Penn. And through the relative Eleanor and the Book of Eleanor Dare. The book timeline makes things both interesting and complicated. I don’t say this to necessarily be negative, just as a warning to go into this book knowing you need to pay attention to things.

Rating: Mysterious stones and a book, a charming guy, a graveyard, coastal town, characters that had been through some tragedy so you’re immediately rooting for them, teas, herbs, and an awesome teen girl well on her way to being a feminist. Yep, I was sucked into this book! My only hangups were that I felt it was too long at 464 pages and confusing a flow at times. I’m a fast reader and it took me much longer to read than usual. I had to stop many times and read this one in chunks, despite my enjoyment. Again, not trying to be negative. Just preparing those mood readers out there. This is a really good book and I don’t want you not to finish because you are reading it at the wrong time! I wish The Book of Eleanor Dare much success!

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