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The Paris Agent

📖 Book Tour Book Review 📖 Thank you to @tlcbooktours @graydonhousebooks @kelrimmerwrites for sending me a copy for The Paris Agent to read and review! Working with a favorite author and highly anticipated book is such a privilege.

“War is hell, love. History nominates a winner, but every single person touched by war loses something—even those one step removed from the oppression and the shooting and the bombing.”

Kelly Rimmer does it again! Boy can she write a book to make you feel all the things. She is gifted in her rhythm of writing where she can equally create a story that is a slow burn in what you would expect of the long years of war; plus intense, fast, heart racing moments with the Special Operations Executives (SOE) organization working to conduct espionage, sabotage and reconnaissance is occupied Europe.

The Paris Agent is told in a dual timeline, but then gets a little tricky because the 1944 timeline chapters are narrated by two different female SOE characters using their given names in different locations. However, all throughout the story you will be told their code names, along also with the male SOE’s real names and code names. I found it to be a lot, at first, so just a heads up to pay attention! The 1970 timeline is a father and daughter duo, Noah and Charlotte. Noah is a grieving widow with too much time on his hands and to think, so he has decided, as a project, to find the man who saved him during his SOE days. The kicker is Charlotte has no idea about this past part of his life!! She thinks he was just a mechanic in the war.

“Even when the world around us goes to hell, we can find peace in our minds.”

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Solid four stars. Historical fiction fans who appreciate well researched books, this one is for you! While, this is technically a WWII novel, the fact that it is mostly at the end of the war and coupled with SOE storyline it had a different feel to make it stand out this saturated crowd. This one is going to pull at your heartstrings a little as the author stuck with the history and we all know history isn’t necessarily pretty. Be sure to read the author’s note. I enjoyed Charlotte and Theo’s storyline. This story needed a little love! I also thought the author did a great job with Noah’s character and showing how he never really recovered from his SOE work, but kept it hidden away. I highly recommend this book!

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