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The River We Remember - Book Club Review

—Book Club Book Review— Title: The River We Remember Author: William Kent Krueger Publisher: Atria Books @atriabooks Genre: Historical Fiction + Mystery It’s time for another #Fivestarfriday Thank you to @bookclubfavorites #bookclubfavoritesinsiders for the #gifted copy to read and review! We have selected this as a book club pick for @bookfriendsbookclub and will be chatting about the book and having the author join us via zoom on Sunday, September 24th. Join us!

William Kent Krueger is a master storyteller and The River We Remember marries a plot and character driven story flawlessly. You instantly feel transported to the small town of Jewel, Minnesota and can feel the pain of many of the men in town who have fought in war, the heartbreak of racism between white families and Native American, and what it might have been like for the townspeople to deal with a powerful land owner who was a bully.

Our story begins when that powerful land owner, Jimmy Quinn’s, body is found in the Alabaster River.

“People who make other people unhappy are generally pretty unhappy themselves”

The mystery of what happened to Jimmy Quinn weaves and zags just like the Alabaster river in the story. Sheriff Brody Dern, along with a great cast of townspeople have their work cut out for them! Initially, this story has a more slow burn police procedural feel, then shifts the little focus as more discovers are made.

“A wise sailor gets used to the stormy sea.”

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ WKK is the filet mignon of writing. Wow! Exceptional writing. Putting the mystery aside for just one moment, this book made me feel things! Compassion for the PTSD. Anger & heartbreak for the racism. And through it all, these characters wormed their way into my heart! I will say, the mystery angle of this story is really well done. Highly recommend!

“A conscience is an interesting thing. I’ve found that in good people, it usually gets the upper hand.”

“The most frightening thing we do in our lives is to love.”

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