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The Sisters of Sea View

Title: The Sisters of Sea View

Author: Julie Kassen

Publisher: Bethany House

Genre: Regency Historical Fiction

With nods to Jane Austen, Emma, Pride & Prejudice and Sense Sensibility, The Sisters of Sea View is sure to delight regency fans and Austen fans alike. These sisters may even remind of the March sisters in Little Woman!

When their father passes away and their finances are in dire straights the Summer sisters are determined to stay together and not sell their beautiful seaside home, so they turn in into a guest house. With oldest sister Sarah at the helm, handling the the budget, menus and care for their ailing mother this plan is sure to succeed.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This book felt a little long at times, and it took me a little bit to get in the groove of remembering all the sisters and house guests, but once I did I really enjoyed this story. I loved the way the author tackled sister Viola having a cleft palate and a scar. Something that probably wasn’t very common in that era. She was self conscious so she wore a veil to cover her face and didn’t want to be around the guests. So, to earn extra money she read to invalids. She met her match when she was tasked reading to a military officer who was injured and also had scars. Her twin Emily was a romantic and story-teller. And the baby sister Georgina was a spit-fire. I enjoyed all the secondary characters of the houseguests and towns people. This looks like its the start of a series and I’m eager to see where it goes!

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