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The Tobacco Wives

—Book Review—

Title: The Tobacco Wives

Author: Adele Myers

Publisher: William Morrow

Genre: Historical Fiction

The Tobacco Wives is listed as a Historical Fiction, but I honestly found it to be more Women’s Fiction in a historical time period. I would also describe it as “coming-of-age” since the main character, Maddie, is only fifteen. She does a lot of growing over the course of the summer in this story!

Unexpectedly, Maddie ends up in Bright Leaf, North Carolina with her Aunt Etta. Maddie usually loves visiting Aunt Etta for the summer and learning how to be a better seamstress. But this time she was just unexpectedly dropped off by her mother who went to look for a new husband since her daddy died in the war. Wow, what a different era to be in!

The next unexpected turn of events is when Aunt Etta gets sick and Maddie will be lead seamstress sewing all of the dresses for The Tobacco Wives gala. This also has her staying at a tobacco executives house where she accidentally stumbles upon a secret…

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 I mostly did the audio and I really loved it. It made purging my house for our upcoming move fly by! History, activism, glitz and glam . . . this is one not to miss. I look forward to what this author writes next! Also, whoever designed the cover A+

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