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The Twelve Month of Christmas - Book Tour

📕Book Tour + Review 📕

Title: The Twelve Months of Christmas

Author: Shelia Roberts

Publisher: Mira Books

Genre: Holiday Fiction

It’s six days until Halloween, so it’s practically Christmas. 🤣🎄 And, do I have a book for your TBR. You can’t think of Christmas books without author @sheilarobertswriter being in the conversation. Likeable characters and brimming with Christmas charm, but buckle up because this one was actually a little on the heavier/serious side. Real characters and real life scenarios—divorces, illnesses, wicked step-kids and very trying jobs.

Sunny, Arianna and Molly all had pretty terrible Christmases. Nothing goes their way. Quite frankly, the whole Christmas season for them was a bust. So together they have a pretty wild idea . . . What about a Christmas do-over in January? Then the idea morphs into keeping the season alive all year round and celebrating every month! So, every month around the 25th they plan a party or activity. This was such an original and clever idea!! Through laughter and some tears these women learn that the perfect holidays they were chasing maybe are overrated. ⬅️ We’ve all been there!

I really enjoyed this one and highly recommend it. You’re going to want a copy for your shelves because the cover with gold foil details is stunning! While IMO it’s not just another falalala holiday book because it takes on real issues; it’s still filled with warmth, holiday cheer and romance too! Thank you @uplitreads and @_mira_books_ for having me on this tour. Pub date 10/3 Out Now!

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