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The Two Lives of Sara

—Book Review—

Title: The Two Lives of Sara

Author: Catherine Adel West

Publisher: Park Row Books

Genre: Historical Fiction

I’ve been so excited about October books, but here was one of my favorites, if not favorite from September!!

Author, Catherine Adel West, is going to absolutely break your heart with this book, but if you’re lucky enough zoom with her like our book club @bookfriendbookclub did or catch one of her interviews she will put it back together again because she is such a delight!

My co-host @mommaleighellensbooknook was spot on when she said this was a “sneaky book” and “juicy meaty little book” (To which Catherine @cawest329 chimed in “so it’s a chicken wing” 🤣) It’s not long at just 300 pages, but boy does it pack a punch. I’m a fast reader, but I wanted to slow this one down. Savor it. And I couldn’t stop tabbing quotes!

“There’s no such thing as perfect. There are no perfect things or perfect people. But there is the person who makes us kinder and better versions of ourselves, living without fear or blame or judgement while you both walk life’s journey. Together.”

This book is filled with amazing characters, but flawed characters. But isn’t that life? Young, pregnant and unwed Sara arrives to Memphis in early sixties while Memphis is still segregated. That was one side of the story that the author painted vividly. The other part equally rich was watching a fragile Sara thaw out and warm up to being a mother, warm up to Mama Sugar the matriarch of the boarding house where Sara lived and worked and finally meet and falling in love with a man.

This is a quiet story with a cinematic feels; I ate up the dialogue and wisdom through the characters. I loved the references to food, music and literature.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This book is another perfect example that you don’t need a pretty little happy ending for it to be a good book. There is heartbreak, but there is hope. I highly recommend this book and author. She is very creative and is working on another project so pay attention! Also, if you haven’t read Saving Ruby King…do it!

***You are going to see a lot of 3 star reviews for this book because it is sad and it is, so if you are the type of reader who struggles there read this when you are in the right mood!

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